Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Rainbow People

Earlier this week it had been raining, but while DH and the boys were on their way home from daycare, they saw a big rainbow in the sky. DH asked A if he knew who put it in the sky. With a serious face (according to DH) A told him that it was the Rainbow People. DH explained that it was in fact God that gave us the beautiful rainbow. When I got home he had A answer the same question, but this time his answer was God. DH was not expecting that and told me the whole story. I have never heard of these Rainbow People, but I am sure that God has His own hand in it too.
Today, A and I spent some time together in the craft room making a special coloringbook just for him. He picked out several digi stamp images I have and helped me cut and bind them into a small book just for him. It was so much fun doing something together.
Until next time,

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's a Z kind of day

We are getting ready to do Z's dedication at church, so I wanted to get some pictures of him. Since I had gotten pics of just me and A when he was little, I thought it would be nice if I did the same thing with Z too. This all means that this post is going to be very picture heavy.

Please take note of the open mouth he has in EVERY shot. The one with the smirk makes me think I'm going to be in trouble as he gets older. What really cracks me up though is that the whole time we were waiting for our turn he was all smiles and laughs, and he was the same way after the shoot; however, DURING the shoot it was like pulling teeth to get even the smallest of smiles. We did manage to get a few goods one though. It's hard to choose my favorite and we need to choose one for our church so that they can put it up on the big screen. Right now I'm thinking it's going to be the smirky picture :)

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Monday, September 7, 2009

It's a Black Belt kind of day

So the big news from our family is that DH passed his final Black Belt test on Saturday. We are so proud of him as it has been a long road (5 years to be exact). He is now considering going for his First Degree test, but is still mulling it over. My parents and his dad were there with us to cheer for him at the ceremony. A was so proud of his daddy and would only clap for him when we watched the last part of the test. Maybe one day he will also be going for his own Black Belt.

This is the picture of him getting his black belt at the graduation.

Here is the picture of DH and Master Z. It's amazing how BIG DH looks next to the master.

The last picture is of daddy with his two boys. We were hoping to get one of DH with his own dad, but FIL had to leave quickly to make it home (an 1 1/2 away) and it had started raining).
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Week of School DONE

My first week back in the working/teaching world is over, and boy am I tired. I got to ease into it with all the teacher inservice stuff, but this was our first week with the students. I've been dealing with allergies for two weeks now and with all the talking I do the first week my voice was GONE when I woke up Friday. I was so glad that the students were having to give their first presentation and do most of the talking that day. I pray that it will be a good year and so far so good. There is lots for me to do: seating charts, grading first projects, checking to see who still owes me what paper work, etc. I came home last night and tried to get it all done but didn't. I'm giong to the Theater District Open House tomorrow with my department head so today is really my only work day. The first several weeks of school does have me working at least part of each weekend. I'm also trying to make sure I make time for family and the design teams I am a part of. This is going to be a busy fall for us.

The rest of the family is doing well. I am hoping to take Z to get his pictures soon so that we can have his dedication at church by the end of September. A is loving school. In fact, he woke up early Friday and DH got him ready only to have him come find me and tell me it was time to go. Kid, it wasn't even 7 am; I wasn't ready to leave just yet. We are blessed that he loves his daycare (or school as he calls it) and is excited about going...makes things so much easier on us. DH is doing well and hopes to have a some news to share with ya'll next week.

Until next time,

Monday, August 17, 2009

For family and friends

Hi ya'll. I know when I started my other blog I had said that it would be for personal stories and my crafts. Well, the crafts have taken over that blog and a new one needed to be started. This blog will be for my family and friends. It may not get updated as often as the craft blog, but our stories will be shared here for ya'll. I know I have been bad about calling and writing everyone so here's hoping that this will help me out some :)

Let's start today shall we. I have been on maternity leave since Spring Break and am just now going back to work. Tomorrow is the first day of teacher inservices and Monday the kids come back. This will be my first full year at the high school (I was there last year but between the hurricane and the maternity leave it wasn't a full year). I'm nervous and excited all rolled into one.

DH (dear hubby) is working hard at the same place. He's doing good. Hoping to share some exciting news (not job related) about him next month.

A (oldest son) is growing so fast. He LOVES going to daycare (or as he calls it, school) and is doing really well there. His latest thing is anything musical and of course his baby brother.

Speaking of the baby. Z (the baby) is also growing so fast. At four months he weighed in at 16 lbs and measured at 27 1/2 inches. I can't believe he's already that big. He's cutting 2 teeth and LOVES to smile and laugh. He's starting to roll over and wants to crawl after his brother so bad. They really do love each other and you can see it. Z laughs and smiles whenever he sees A, and A does everything he can to get that smile and laugh.

till next times,