Monday, August 17, 2009

For family and friends

Hi ya'll. I know when I started my other blog I had said that it would be for personal stories and my crafts. Well, the crafts have taken over that blog and a new one needed to be started. This blog will be for my family and friends. It may not get updated as often as the craft blog, but our stories will be shared here for ya'll. I know I have been bad about calling and writing everyone so here's hoping that this will help me out some :)

Let's start today shall we. I have been on maternity leave since Spring Break and am just now going back to work. Tomorrow is the first day of teacher inservices and Monday the kids come back. This will be my first full year at the high school (I was there last year but between the hurricane and the maternity leave it wasn't a full year). I'm nervous and excited all rolled into one.

DH (dear hubby) is working hard at the same place. He's doing good. Hoping to share some exciting news (not job related) about him next month.

A (oldest son) is growing so fast. He LOVES going to daycare (or as he calls it, school) and is doing really well there. His latest thing is anything musical and of course his baby brother.

Speaking of the baby. Z (the baby) is also growing so fast. At four months he weighed in at 16 lbs and measured at 27 1/2 inches. I can't believe he's already that big. He's cutting 2 teeth and LOVES to smile and laugh. He's starting to roll over and wants to crawl after his brother so bad. They really do love each other and you can see it. Z laughs and smiles whenever he sees A, and A does everything he can to get that smile and laugh.

till next times,

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