Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Week of School DONE

My first week back in the working/teaching world is over, and boy am I tired. I got to ease into it with all the teacher inservice stuff, but this was our first week with the students. I've been dealing with allergies for two weeks now and with all the talking I do the first week my voice was GONE when I woke up Friday. I was so glad that the students were having to give their first presentation and do most of the talking that day. I pray that it will be a good year and so far so good. There is lots for me to do: seating charts, grading first projects, checking to see who still owes me what paper work, etc. I came home last night and tried to get it all done but didn't. I'm giong to the Theater District Open House tomorrow with my department head so today is really my only work day. The first several weeks of school does have me working at least part of each weekend. I'm also trying to make sure I make time for family and the design teams I am a part of. This is going to be a busy fall for us.

The rest of the family is doing well. I am hoping to take Z to get his pictures soon so that we can have his dedication at church by the end of September. A is loving school. In fact, he woke up early Friday and DH got him ready only to have him come find me and tell me it was time to go. Kid, it wasn't even 7 am; I wasn't ready to leave just yet. We are blessed that he loves his daycare (or school as he calls it) and is excited about going...makes things so much easier on us. DH is doing well and hopes to have a some news to share with ya'll next week.

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