Monday, September 7, 2009

It's a Black Belt kind of day

So the big news from our family is that DH passed his final Black Belt test on Saturday. We are so proud of him as it has been a long road (5 years to be exact). He is now considering going for his First Degree test, but is still mulling it over. My parents and his dad were there with us to cheer for him at the ceremony. A was so proud of his daddy and would only clap for him when we watched the last part of the test. Maybe one day he will also be going for his own Black Belt.

This is the picture of him getting his black belt at the graduation.

Here is the picture of DH and Master Z. It's amazing how BIG DH looks next to the master.

The last picture is of daddy with his two boys. We were hoping to get one of DH with his own dad, but FIL had to leave quickly to make it home (an 1 1/2 away) and it had started raining).
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